Kranky Franks was
opened August 31,
2008 by John and
Taffy Dangerfield,
an insane couple living
in Springville, Utah.
They moved to
Springville from
Tempe, Arizona in the
late 90's, home of ASU,
and a well known
hot dog shop close to

John and Taffy are graduates from Brigham Young University,
Taffy in Child Development, John in Accounting, a perfect
combination for hot dawg entrepreneurs!

John grew up to be a CPA, and Taffy grew up to be Mom to six kids (eight if you
count goats). One day as John was at lunch with some friends, he had the thought,
wow, it is expensive to eat out. He set out to find places serving good food at
reasonable prices-the choices were few, so he began to think about hot dog
vendors in New York. After learning the local county didn't permit food carts,
he set out and found an available spot in Springville, Utah.

After developing a list of possible names, John had lunch with several of his
work friends and reviewed a list of 20 plus name with them. They didn't like
any of them, and started tossing out alternative names. Kranky Frank was one
of them, it being a nickname of a relative. John returned home and shared the
experience with Taffy, who seized on the name as said "That's it"! The rest is
history, Kranky Franks opened at 388 N Main, Springville on August 31, 2008.
First customers were greeted by child development expert, and a CPA turned
hot dog chef.

Welcome to Kranky Franks.

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